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The passion of tandoori food is as old as Harrapa and Mohan Jodaro Civilizations. And Tandoor was introduced to India in Mughal’s Period. For centuries tandoor is a one of the essential part of Commercial Indian Kitchen. Basically Tandoors are used in cooking for baking Chapattis, Naans, parathas and roasting meat purposes. And, it is said the Tandoors add a special traditional feeling and taste to the meal. We can’t explain the great taste of tandoori food. The fragrance of tandoor can’t be express in words; it is great to feel it. In olden age tandoor was used to bore in earth, and then makes it ready for use. With time tandoor is also going forward, Today’s clay Tandoors are housed in different metal casing, making them more user-friendly and durable as per international standards. In Ram Chander & Sons we are trying to make tandoor more user friendly without affecting its traditional taste. Our main motive is to serve traditional Indian taste in a convenient way. To meet the clients' requirement, different variants are available in different sizes. The Grace of tandoor is now global; we can see people enjoying tandoori food in USA, Germany, Japan, Australia, UK and many more.

Ram Chander & Sons is more than fifty year old name in the field of manufacturing and exporting Tandoors and the leading tandoor manufacture from India. We are in tandoor’s business for last three generations. In such a long time we have adopted such an innovative approach so that our customer gets more of compatibility and easy handling with our products. These innovations help us to produce better quality product at competitive price. Find out more About us