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Clay Tandoors.....
Ram Chander & sons had developed clay tandoor in many
sizes and many varieties from a very long time. This clay tandoor is the base of all Tandoors.
It is parabolic in shape and prepared by hand. It is the responsible factor for
providing natural taste in food.


  • Hand Crafted
  • Natural Taste
  • Great Quality
  • Heat container up to 400 to 500 Celsius
  • Available in Charcoal & Gas Use

Table with full specification
Model No.SizeWidthHeightMouthWeight(Approx.)
CTR-1Small Size25"28"13"65 kg
CTR-2Standard Size28"31"14"80 kg
CTR-3Medium size30"33"15"95 kg
CTR-4Full Size33"36"16"115 kg