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SS Taper Tandoors.....
Now days taper Tandoors is getting popular in overseas kitchens. New Modern technique Taper it is just give you a new experience and next generation of tandoor by give a slant to tandoor so you can easily cook and takeout NAAN easily use and view inside the tandoor, Handles and thermometer give new looks to Taper Tandoor and user can easily manage things with Taper tandoor. Taper tandoor Body is available in single and double steel body wick makes it rust-proof exterior has been reinforced, resulting in a robust and durable Tandoor.

  • Easy cooking
  • Better looks
  • Slant design
  • Easy internal view
  • Better life
Table with full specification
Model No.Product NameWidthHeightMouthWeight(Approx.)
TSR-1Standard30"30"36"260 kg
TSR-2Medium32"32"37"295 kg
TSR-3Large34"34"38"300 kg