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Wall Fitting Tandoors.....
Wall Fitting Tandoor is very traditional at the time of ancient when there is no Steel and Iron available around the tandoor at that time lot of people using tandoor inside the ground hole, wall fitting around the tandoors give you a very tough environment to hold tandoor for a very long time, it gives you texture of the local area by using the same kind of tiles and gives large area to working around the tandoor. In modern life that wall fitting gives you live kitchen experience and traditional environment view so people enjoy food with live working tandoor in the front of them, Most of dhabas are use wall fitting tandoors. Size can arrange according to work space.
  • Tough wall Around the Tandoor
  • Heavy Insulation
  • Matching environment
  • Long Life of Tandoor
  • Built anywhere
Table with full specification
Model No.Product NameWidthHeightMouthWeight(Approx.)
CTR-1Small Size25"28"13"65 kg
CTR-2Standard Size28"31"14"80 kg
CTR-3Medium size30"33"15"95 kg
CTR-4Full Size33"36"16"115 kg