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Wood Fired Pizza Oven....
Wood-fired ovens that use wood fuel for traditional cooking & unique taste.
Food is cooked in that same chamber while the fire is still going,
or in the heated chamber after the fire and coals have been swept out.
Such ovens became popular in the world wide use in bakeries and pizzerias,
as well as some restaurants featuring pizzas and baked dishes.
The most common method is the stoneware pizza stone, which stores
heat while the oven is preheating and transmits it directly to the bottom of the pizza.


  • Mosaic Hand Crafted
  • Natural wood Taste
  • Great Quality
  • Heat container up to 400 to 500 Celsius
  • Available in Wood Fire

Table with full specification
Model No.SizeWidthLengthHeightMouthWeight(Approx.)
WMP-1Small Size30"30"70"10"175 kg
WMP-2Medium Size36"36"70"14"225 kg
WMP-3Full Size40"40"70"16"300 kg