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MS Round Tandoors.....
This is Mild steel round body Tandoor. Mild steel body Tandoor is known as the journey starter in cooking line. Most of dhabas,restaurants,catering chefs are using Mild steel body Tandoor. This tandoor consist some features of S.S. tandoor and quiet cheaper than that of S.S. tandoors. It is clean and easy to maintain and use. Glass wool insulation acts as heat resistance between inner clay body and outer mild steel body of tandoor. Marvell stone top, Granite stone top, cemented top, mild steel top and stainless steel top are the various options available with this tandoor. Gas fitting also can be provided on the demand of the customer.

  • Easily movable
  • Cheap
  • Long lasting
  • Highly insulated
  • Available in every variants
Table with full specification
Model No.Product NameWidthHeightMouthWeight(Approx.)
MSR-1Small28"28"35" 210 kg
MSR-2Standard30"30"36" 250 kg
MSR-3Medium32"32"37" 285 kg
MSR-4Large34"34"38" 300 kg