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Seekhdi is a cooking equipment and apparatus and this is known as "Small barbecue". Sometime people use seekhdi for enjoying in an outdoor environment by smoking the meat over wood or charcoal. seekhdi gives enjoys the taste of Charcol and smoking. Smoking is the process of flavoring, cooking, or preserving food by exposing it to smoke from burning or smoldering material, most oftenwood. Meats and fish are the most common smoked foods, though cheeses, vegetables, and ingredients used to make beverages such asbeer, smoked beer, and lapsang souchong tea are also smoked. And In winter People used as for home purpose as "angeethi".

Table with full specification
Model No.Product NameWidthHeightMouthWeight(Approx.)
Seek-1SMALL24"12"--30 kg
Seek-2MEDIUM30"12"--35 kg
Seek-3LARGE36"12"--40 kg